The following Guidelines, in addition to the Chat Rules, are designed to ensure all users of Fruzo, on both the Website and the Mobile Application (together referred to as "Services"), feel safe and secure while using them.

  1. Under no circumstances may you create a fake account, pretend to be someone else, or create collective accounts. Users of our Services are here to become acquainted and communicate with real people;
  2. Do not use or display any materials which belong to other people or are protected under copyright law including photos, videos, and other media;
  3. Do not display or use pornographic or other unsavory materials while using our Services;
  4. Should you share, display, or publish your contact or personal details openly on our Services they become accessible to other users and you immediately revoke the right to confidentiality;
  5. Other users must be respected at all times. Do not publish or display any materials that may cause offense to other users personally, or to their religion, race, sexuality, nationality etc.;
  6. Any illegal actions undertaken while using our Services may lead to your personal data being provided or forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authorities;
  7. Spam is forbidden from our Services at all time. Users who are found to spam other users of our Services, or attempt to sell goods, services, or themselves, will be banned indefinitely;
  8. Respect the Chat Rules at all times.

Any users found to infringe on the Guidelines mentioned above may receive a warning, have materials they have published removed, or have their account suspended either temporarily or indefinitely.

By using our chat service, you accept and agree to the Guidelines mentioned above. We reserve the right to change or amend these guidelines from time to time. We will attempt to notify users of such changes, however, it is the responsibility of all users on Fruzo to track these changes themselves.